We’ll teach you what you need to know about Medicare.

Hi! I'm Kathe Kline   

Your instructor for today!

I've been providing financial education since 1990. In addition, I also been a SCORE volunteer and created a very successful mastermind program for the organization, as well as providing popular workshops on Systematizing Your Business.

All About Medicare Classes

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Meet your instructor  - Preview
Unit 2 How do I sign up for Medicare, Step by Step
Module 2 Which Plan should you Choose
Unit 1 Making Medicare Decisions (Fast)
Unit 2 Making Medicare Decisions (Slow)
Module 3 Drug Plans
Unit 1 Why you need a Drug Plan Even if you don't take any Drugs (PDF)
Unit 2 How Medicare Drug Plans Work
Unit 3 How to Find the Drug Plan that saves you the most money ( version)
Unit 4 How to find the Drug plan that saves you the most money (DrugPlan enroll version)
Unit 5 How to Read your Drug Plan comparison (
Module 4 Medicare Advantage
Unit 1 Top 10 reasons to Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan
Unit 2 What is the difference between a Medicare Advantage PPO and Medicare supplement Plans
Module 5 Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)
Unit 1 Does Medigap Cover...
Unit 2 Medigap Plans by Letter and what they cover (or don't cover) (PDF)
Unit 3 How to find a doctor that accepts Original Medicare AND your Supplement Plan
Unit 4 What to expect when you change from Medicare Advantage to Medigap
Unit 5 CALIFORNIA ONLY: Change from MA to Medigap, even if you have Medical Conditions
Module 6 More Details
Unit 1 ABCs of Medicare
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